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the president there will want to know china's latest thoughts on containing with the united states the united states nuclear program. bret: major, that is not all that is on the president's schedule in coming hours, right? >> that's correct. i will sit down on behalf of the fox news channel with an interview with president obama and some other correspondents here will do the same. we will cover a lot of issues, iran, north korea, trade in this region, climate change, jobs and healthcare back home. we're going to try to hit all the bases in a slightly different respect. bret: it should be interesting. majoring thank you. you can see that interview "special or the" six p.m. eastern tomorrow. let's look at the debt relationship now between the u.s. and china. how did we get in such a hole and is it going to get biger? here is correspondent wendell goler. >> it's the elephant in the room that aides say the two leaders didn't talk about, china's huge holding of u.s. treasury bonds. >> the $800 billion never came up in conversation, and the president dealt with every issue on his agenda in a very d
-paying jobs in the united states. export promotion would be something we could do without spending money. there may be tax provisions that may encouraging highering sooner are remember than than later, so we're looking at those. it is important to wreck r. recognize that if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that a at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could lead to a double-dip recession, so one of the trickiest things that we're doing right now is to, on the one hand, make sure that the recovery is supported, and not withdraw a lot of money either with tax increases or big spending cuts and states, for example, need a lot of support to keep hiring teachers and so forth, and at the same time making sure we're setting up a pathway long term for the reduction. it is about as hard of a play as there is, but it's what we have to do, and whatever jobs, additional jobs legislation comes out with has to fit into that broader framework. >> does it raise the deficit or not? >> we haven't seen that and that's part of the reaso
security interests of the united states. there are a lot of people who failed to mention this as an important topic for many years, who have apparently found this country on the map recently. >> asked what bit of information was holding him back, mr. obama said nothing is missing, per se, except a strategy for success in turning around the 8-year-old war. >> i don't think this is a matter of some data or information that i'm waiting on. it is a matter of making certain that when i send young men and women into war, and i devote billions of dollars of u.s. taxpayer money, that it's making us safer. >> the president promised to make his decision, quote, soon, but not before at least one more strategy session. >> i doubt that this is going to be finished again without an additional -- at least an additional meeting. >> analysts say strategic debates deprive u.s. forces of clarity. >> some think these decisions should be made in conference rooms in washington and reevaluating strategy, instead of giving commanders on the ground the ability to make decisions based on situation
of the united states of america to have that decision made and made as soon as possible. >> still, general david petraeus, the head of central command, says the month-long process has been productive and is almost over. >> there have been explanations and discussions about how the civilian component of this will complement what is done by the work of our military troops. >> by all accounts, afghanistan's government is the weak link in the four strategies the president is now focusing on. >> in the couner is insurgency strategy, the war relies on the eth cassie of the host nation partners, the afghan national police and the government itself. >> the inability to count on some regional governors as partners or to predict a time line for the national government to train enough reliable security forces suggests to some experts a hybrid strategy. >> it's not focused on a counterinsurgency across the entire country but a counterinsurgency in a few key areas, the most violent areas. >> sensible strategy is counterinsurgency involving pakistan as well and the obama administration has set up benchmarks f
the microscope. >> isn't it true that on 9/11, the united states pentagon, the center of our defense establishment, was directly attacked by the people who declared war upon us? >> there is no question that is true. one of the factors -- one of the factors that i considered in making this determination. the number of people who were killed on 9/11 were largely civilians. >> on the suspect in the uss cole attack which killed 17 sailors in october 2000, holder appeared to follow the same logic. >> an attack on an american warship it seems to me is uniquely situated for a military commission. >> the top senate republican pounced. "is the administration now telling terrorists if they target defenseless u.s. civilians on their own soil, they will get the rights an privileges of american citizens? " senator mitch mcconnell asked? others said the administration is creating a two-tiered system. >> if you are a sailor and attacked in the gulf defending your country, you go to a military commission, but if they happen to execute an attack in the united states, though none of those five men eve
says the united states' artificially low interest rates are creating a bust and boom cycle of speculation in commodities like gold and oil and stocks like oil and real estate, undermining the economic recovery, because the chinese know that president obama will criticize them for having artificially low currency, and the president talks about economics not being a zero sum game, some in china believe that it very well might be. bret. bret: major garrett live tuesday morning in beijing. we will discuss the president's trip to china later plus brit hume looks at the fallout from the president's weekend bow to the japanese emporer, but first retail sales rose 1.4% in october. that was better than experts predicted. stocks today had a big day. the dow was up 136 1/2. the s&p 500 gained almost 16. nasdaq finished 30 ahead. general motors says it lost $1.2 billion from the time it left bankruptcy protection through september 30. that was a better result than in previous quarters. g.m. says it will begin paying back $6.7 billion in government loans by the end of this year, and cou
to today's policy decisions today at the white house. what is relevant is the cost to the united states of this expanded mission, and we will touch more on that tomorrow night, but on the costs, much more likely to add to the cost of the u.s. troops involved in the theater there. bret: two tunisians held at guantanomo bay have been held over to italian authorities. the justice department say they face arrest warrants there and will be prosecuted. the supreme court has thrown out a a lower court ruling that ordered the release of pictures allegedly showing terror suspects being abused by american captors. justices ordered the second u.s. circuit court of appeals to take another look at the lawsuit filed by the aclu which wants the pick pictures publicized. president initially did not oppose the release and then changed his mind. a lot of people are changing their minds about the theory of man made global warming on the heels of a major scientific scandal concerning researchers and their behavior. wendell goler reports this renewed skepticism comes as president obama prepares to attend th
for the country that they love, the united states army, the united states government stands ready to broafdz provide them every possible assistance in what will be a very troubling, very challenging times ahead. >> 13 dead, 28 remain hospitalized, including the shooter, major nidal malik hasan. he is in a coma attached to a ventilator. hasan was shot four times. most of the victims are in stable condition with gunshot wounds to the torso, stomach and back. >> and hearing the stories of courage and heroism that i heard today makes me proud to be a leader of this great army. i heard stories about medics who were sitting in a graduation in in the building next door, hearing the gunfire and running to the sounds of the guns, because they knew there would be wounded. >> stories of heroes are now emerging. a female police officer displaying extraordinary courage, according to the army, officer kim munley exchanged fire with hasan, hitting him and taking a bullet herself to the thigh, and amber barr tried her best to save her fellow colleagues. barr was shot in the stomach. >> stomach shot, people
. and if george bush were president of the united states today and there was a republican governor of new jersey they'd be throwing them out and moving a democrat in. what's really significant is how daggett and hoffman up in new york 23, independent third party candidates, are getting enough support to affect the outcome or mess with or meddle with the two parties. i think both party incumbents should look out in 2010. it's a mistake to think either party's incumbents are safe. they're both in trouble. greta: is that right, karl? or is this a really bad message for the democrats in virginia and now in new jersey? >> i respectfully disagree with joe. when you go from having a 16,000-vote margin in a republican county four years ago to a 79,000-vote margin, that means a lot more turnout and the exit polls four years ago showed independents going for corzine. this year it shows them going significantly for chris christie, the republican. this is a deep blue state. john mccain got 42% of the vote, barack obama got 57% and tonight we are seeing christie winning with close to 50% of the vote. in a th
be a way to pressure karzai to clean up his act. >> the united states or nato forces will tank power away from him and put it in the hand of other folks in afghanistan such as the provincial governors is certainly something that has to affect him. >> president obama says he is not blindly accepting karzai's prom mises. he says the proof will be in deeds. aides say he is not setting up benchmarks for his troop decision and also say that no one in the administration believes any military raid will work in afghanistan without successful governance. bret. bret: wendell, thank you. in other world headlines, it was a deadly day in pakistan where a suicide bomber killed at least 35 people and a second attack hours later and a suicide bomber blew up a car at a police roadblock injuring at least 7 police officers there. the united nations is pressing iran for a swift final answer to its proposal concerning nuclear fuel. officials offered mixed signals today to the idea of sending uranium abroad for enrichment. the foreign minister said the options still exist, while a senior diplomat suggested the
you. to give you perspective, fort hood is the largest active duty post in the united states, the only one capable of supporting two full armored divisions 3-rbgs 40 square miles, 50 miles southwest of texas, he essentially a huge ciy with schools and stores an military housing and training facilities. this shooting took mace at soldier readiness center at the military briefing you just saw there. we heard this facility was the old sports dome complex, and this is the place where soldiers are processed to deploy overseas, soldiers filling out paperwork and preparing to head to their deployments. all of the shootings happened right there. as you heard steve report, the entire post is on lockdown as this investigation continues. can we bring in major general bob scales? he had some new information i believe from his sources that he has been talking to from a different perspective. general, i know you have been to fort hood a bunch. your talk to folks this all the time. what is the latest you're hearing? we just had the report of the name of the suspected shooter who was killed. >> right,
of this magnitude in the united states? >> not on a national scale like this. it was in a relatively limited time frame, given the size of its charge. >> wow agree that there is also an indirect mum ti plier, isn't that correct? as we say in the report, indirect and indiewtioned, of course. and that would add to indirect jobs which is on top of direct, isn't that the case? >> correct. >> the witnesses did not contest an estimate by the office of management and budget that 10 percent of recipients failed to or the at all on what they did with their stimulus money and acknowledge that recipients in that category are subject to no penalties of any kind. >> i would be interested in penalties of people who didn't report, and i would be equally interested in looking at these issues when people knowingly false report. i think that could be a criminal penalty. and devainy says he thinks he can redesign the reporting system so when recipients of stimulus money enter a fik ticksallal district they will get an instant message blocking them from proceeding further until they correct the error, just like when
and then the united states going wobbly in terms of whether it will commit more resources to afghanistan puts us in a tough position. >> white house officials insist the president's focus on making a decision he will stick with, once certain to define at least part of his presidency. robert gates told reporters today the president is close to deciding but wants to check all the angles. the top u.s. commander in the region would not discuss the war council debate but said answers in afghanistan aren't easy. >> i'm not an optimist. i'm not a pessimist. i'm a realist. the reality is that it is all hard all the time. >> it is because of the relative lack of developed institutions, human capital, experience with strong central government, 30 years of war, very limited infrastructure. >> the president made his way to el "ellen" manien dove, robert -- to elmendorf air force base, defense secretary gates says he is appalled by the leaks surrounding the afghan review process and wants everyone, quote, to just shut up. major garrett live on friday morning in tokyo. major, thanks. intelligence officials sa
or three morrow tations to fighting in afghanistan only to have the united states pull out prematurely and leave that country to the taliban. >> part of the strategy is expected to focus on the speeding of training of afghan security forces. today the save gan government announced a salary increase for police. while white house officials say the united states will not be in afghanistan another eight or nine years, some predict this will not be a quick fix. the administration needs to be realistic about the fact this is a long-term capacity-building strategy that afghan needs our help and we need to create the circumstances in which there is a government that can win the loyalty of its people. >> before giving the speech, the president will brief 31 members of congress, chairmen and ranking members of the relevant committees. the next day, hearings will begin on capital hill with the secretary of state and claim of the joint chiefs expected to testify. chris: mike emanuel on a busy north lawn tonight. thanks for that. the reclusive leader of the afghanistan taliban today issued a muslim
think he is knee deep in political correctness as so many people are including now the united states military r political correctness is turning out to be the death of this country. >> satirical blog, the ruben report, wondered if today's "new york times", covering lincoln assassination would overlook the fact that john wilkes booth shouted out a confederate motto and would report that he was psychologically unstable frightened of the civil war coming to an end and having to face an peacetime actors surplus. james, thank you. on the economy, stocks were mixed today. the markets, the dow was up 20. s&p 500 was down a tenth of a percent and nasdaq gave back three. we will look at how president obama handled today's services at fort hood and analyze what james just said, there the political correctness surrounding the tragedy >> it may be hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy, but this much we do know -- no faith justifies these murder ous acts and no just and loving god looks upon them with favor, and for what he has done, we know the killer will be met with jus
'm quoting here for the rag heads who might attack the military here in the united states. this was apparently said to a recent contravert. >> he made those comments and he stuck strongly to his faith. but, you know, as soldiers, you know, we have a duty to, you know, follow orders from our commander and chief. and, you know, political views are set aside. but he was -- after the shooting in little rock, he was -- i don't know, almost outstandingly upset about how this man was treated in little rock. maybe we should have more of these that should strap bombs on themselves and go into "times" square. that was from a third source, so i can't confirm that. >> is now you say that hasan himself -- we are on the line with retired colonel terry lee who worked with the man on the right-hand side of your screen at fort hood. the man on the right-hand side of the screen is the one secretary of defense to have shot and held and 31 injured. you have told our staff that hasan seemed to belief -- had feelings about president obama and his election. could you tell us with about that? >>
.s., in the army killing soldiers at a base in the united states. bret: is there a point where this evidence adds up and it is a tipping point and somebody starts talking about terrorism? >> i think so. bret: from the administration. not the commentators or the news people, but from the administration. >> we don't know everything yet. there were multiple e-mail accounts, some which were disguised. he had a shredded shah he reader in his home and they have to to search dumps near fort hood. at best, he is a lone, you know, a lone terrorist with connections with jihadists, which is itself a huge problem. at worst, there actually were much more serious connections with people abroad and elsewhere in the u.s. bret: charles. >> i think it is worse if he acted alone. if there are connections you have agents of those abroad. we have been rather good since 9/11 preventing outsiders from infiltrating but the idea of someone who grows up here and on his own becomes a jihadist with spiritual intellectual influence of outsiders. he is not an agent but he acts as a self-agent on behalf of jihadism, that is ha
and now pictures of them with the president of the united states. fred barnes. >> what a great story r henry kissinger said power is the greatest aphrodisiac, well, flame, even fleeting flame is a good of aphrodisiac. it is amaze what people will do to get a little fame and they pulled off this stunt in public, which is quite a stunt and it worked. look, they wouldn't have gotten quite the fame if one of the people involved wasn't a pretty blond. that's television is always a sucker for putting a blond, a pretty blond on.y but, they will have some fame for a while, and i don't think much more will come of it. the secret service will investigate this thing, but look, the answer is very simple. check the people's i.d. against the invitation list. that's all you have to do, and as i recall, from going to a state dinner, your i.d. is checked twice to see if you're on the invitation list, once when you're standing outside in line and once later. that's all you have to do is check the i.d. against the invitation list f they had done that, this wouldn't have happened. brian: neen nina, they w
#ñ#ñ#ñ#ñññññññññññññ >> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of the american people. i'm absolutely confident they will. >> the house bill is dead on arrival in the senate. look at how it passed t passed 220-215. >> if the public option plan is in there as a matter of conscience, i will not allow this bill to come to a final vote, because i believe that debt can bake america. bret: the house bill did pass this weekend, and 39 democrats voted against the bill, so what are the prospects in the senate? one republican voted against it as well. mara. i mean, voted for t. >> yes, the gal from louisiana. one thing that is not dead on arrival is the stupak amendment. that will stay alive. it enshrines the hyde amendment which allows federal funding to be spent on abortion and it was the only way to pass the house and get the votes of a certain number of pro-life democrats. nancy pelosi in a big burst of pragmatism allowed there to be a vote on the floor on that. it passed and the senate will include so
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)